Vegas brought this out of me….

Vegas brought this out of me…. I’ve spent the last few days in Las Vegas breaking bread with champions in the fitness world.   If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being in the company of powerful people, you know how intense the experience can be. I started thinking about the qualities that make these people […]

He Almost Quit….

He almost quit… We’re 23 minutes into his 30 minute session.  His body is spent from previous exercises done.  I ask him to take a swig of water and get ready for our final set. The exercises are straight forward, 30 seconds of high knees and 30 seconds of mountain climbers for three sets.  With […]

Snow Day Survival Guide: 5 Tips

Hey Guys! It’s me, your Trainer and the little birdie on your shoulder encouraging you to stay on track today. If you’re in the tri state area and the snow has slowed you down, recognize that home days have two faces.  They’re great because they allow us to take advantage of some much needed rest; […]