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Cauliflower!   Cauliflower helps maintain balance in the three systems of the body (detox system, antioxidant system and anti-inflammatory system) which, if not nourished exacerbate a person's chance of carious forms of cancer. High in dietary fiber which lends a helping hand to our body's digestive system. It can help the lining of your stomach because the sulphurophane...
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Food of the Week

Bok Choy Has more beta-carotene than any other type of cabbage, Beta-carotene helps protect the health of our eyes  and skin, among other things. Like others in the cabbage family, Bok Choy goes miles in helping our bodies fight off cancer. One cup of Bok Choy has half of our daily requirement for...
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    KINETICS™ is a unique, boutique fitness studio with a holistic approach to health and fitness. We happily offer both private and small group trainings modeled to fit your body, lifestyle, and personal needs. At KINETICS™, we know how hectic life can be; our certified personal trainers are prepared to create a customized 30, 45, or 60-minute workout designed to help you reach your goals. Using a Steady Progression Training method, every client is evaluated in order to establish a fitness baseline. In order to create your individualized plan of action, we take full body measurements, conduct basic cardiovascular, muscular, and flexibility tests, and provide you with nutritional coaching through diet recommendations and easy-to-prepare recipes.

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    Feel at home when training at KINETICS™! There is comfort in knowing that you can train with other fitness enthusiasts that share your same goals. If you desire an intimate atmosphere with elite trainers, specialized group fitness classes, and a community of support, then KINETICS™ is the place for you. Training is made easy when the important amenities are provided: use our private showers and changing rooms, take advantage of women’s only classes, request male or female trainers, and use our studio at your convenience.

    YES! Contact me today to schedule a FREE no obligation consultation and trial workout.