Do what matters! (short read)

A few days back I took an easy scenic drive to Maryland. You know the drive I’m talking about;  it’s the one that offers white space for thinking.  During my drive, I spoke out loud and chuckled to myself.  The weekend would be a good time – full of laugher and “remember that” strolls down […]

Food of the Week: Tuna

This plentiful fish is a rich source of complete protein, selenium and vitamin B-12. Specifically, albacore tuna is a better source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids than other tuna species. The essential omega-3 fatty acids in tuna lower the risk of heart disease. Tuna fish is packed with protein. A single serving of only 165 […]

Inclement Weather

Due to the impending storm and schools closing, we will be closed for Wednesday, March 21st morning classes. Please keep checking the site or our Facebook pages to see if we will open for Wednesday, March 21 evening classes. Thank you and see you in the studio soon!