Up close and personal with Ms. Erica!

Today and every day we celebrate Ms. Erica Lee Arnold-Rodriguez, a LOVED and RESPECTED member at Team Kinetics for over 5 Years!!!!


Ms. Erica is a shining light at Kinetics Hot Yoga & Aerial Fitness​! Everyone who meets her can see and feel her passion, care, kindness and innate desire to give.

Ms. Erica has many gifts and talents. One talent that we greatly appreciate is her unique ability to transform the ambiance of Kinetics Flow​​​ during classes and workshops.

As a professional, Ms. Erica has over twenty years’ experience teaching various movement modalities including dance, theatre, Antigravity Fitness, Vinyasa yoga, and Acroyoga. She holds advanced training and certifications in anatomy, biomechanics and kinesiology. ​

Ms. Erica is an amazing teacher because she is also a student of her life and the work that she does.


Don’t hesitate! Take Ms. Erica’s classes at Kinetics Flow​​

  • Monday evening: Antigravity Fitness Pilates 6P
  • Wednesday evening: Antigravity Suspension Fitness 7p
  • Wednesday evening: Virtual Vinyasa Flow 8:15P
  • Thursday evening: Hot Vinyasa Flow 7P

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Your Body and Mind will LOVE classes with Ms. Erica!

Expect to be lifted as Ms. Erica safely takes you and your body on a journey that explores movement through various dimensions unleashing grace and ability that you never knew you had.



Get to know Ms. Erica! Fun Facts Below :-). ​

​We asked Ms. Erica the following questions:

Why/how did you get started with yoga (and consequentially, aerial yoga)?

I came to yoga a lot of years ago, I am unsure of how many. My husband gifted me with a yoga mat and a yoga/pilates video, since then I have practiced almost every day. During that time, I was teaching acrobatics, jazz and other forms of dance.  I shared yoga to condition my dancers.  As a teacher, the practice expanded my vocabulary and it gave me a better understanding of the mechanics of the human body. The more I discovered the more I wanted to know (that’s still the case).

In 2013 I walked through the doors of Kinetics, taking an AntiGravity class from Ms Metra Lundy. I knew then how much I loved her class, but I had no idea that she would become such an influential force in my life. It is through her encouragement and that of my family, my friends and, most of all – my students, that I have grown into the teacher that I am today.


What does yoga mean to you? The literal term yoga is oneness. To me, yoga is freedom, discovery, joy, and peace. The practice helps me delve into my spiritual nature and it helps me learn to love myself, and in oneness, to love all.

The asana practice makes me feel good in body and mind and it challenges me; I love to share in it with others and experience it with others. I take my scholastic studies of yoga quite seriously and I have devoted my life to the human body and how to move it with integrity and artistry. But, in that seriousness, I very much believe in a go-with-the-flow manner and trusting in where it leads.

I find the more I live my yoga the happier and content I become.



Meet Ms. Erica Sunday, February 9th, during our Community Detox and Shut-In

Description: Join Kinetics Flow and the Middlesex County, NJ community for an afternoon of rejuvenation. Share in a community walk, experience a gentle yoga practice, receive guided mediation, use creative expression through journaling and visioning to restore and refresh you. ​

Cost: $1.00

Sign up here: Community Detox and Shut-in




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