Testimonial Picture of Neha Patel (2)
    “Come join the hip-shaking fun-you can't help but feel uplifted.”

    Neha’s background in dance started at age 4, as she was exposed to mostly Indian folk and Bollywood dancing. While studying for the bar exam in 2008, she was searching for new ways to stay fit and relieve stress. She discovered Zumba® and fell in love with the practice instantly. Zumba® combines her love for music, dance, and fitness in a fun, motivating, high-energy workout. In July 2010, she became certified in Zumba® Basics in order to share her love for Zumba® with others. She regularly incorporates Bollywood dance into her Zumba® routines at KINETICS™. She encourages everyone to: “Come join the hip-shaking fun—you can’t help but feel uplifted.”

    Neha Patel