Terrific Client Tuesday

Terrific Client Tuesday!

Have you met Lorraine? Not a stranger to physical fitness and overall wellness, here are somethings Lorraine wanted you to know about her:

1. Tell me what fitness has had in your life?

Fitness relates to all aspects of my life. when I am on a regular fitness program, I am more organized in my personal, professional, religious, and academic practices. It keeps me motivated, which allows me to motivate others.

What makes you want a regular fitness regimen? A regular fitness regimen is my foundation with regards to my relationship with myself and how I treat others. A healthy fitness routine breeds a positive mindset which generates positive energy which is infectious to most people.

2. How did your fitness journey cross paths with Kinetics?

I was invited by one of my church members (Celeste Pouncy) last year for a cancer awareness promotion and Yoga at Kinetics. I met Metra signed up for a six week transformation, which led to personal training with Metra.

3. What affect does having a regular fitness regimen have on your daily life?

Good eating habits, more productivity throughout the day, along with clarity and focus.How about daily energy? Working out prior to work or classes affords me more energy and efficiency. I work in health care and I have to squat a lot to address patients sitting in chairs, being physically fit helps tremendously!

4. If you had one tip you could share with someone who does not have a regular fitness practice, what would you share with them?

To start a regular consistent fitness program starts with the mind, once you have a made up mind to implement a fitness program the act of physical fitness will follow. Start slow, stay motivated, don’t be hard if you miss a day or week, just get back in. Have a support group, obtain advice from experts in the field, and above all fun!

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