Super Instructor Saturday! – Anastasia Drroungas

Super Instructor Saturday! Have you taken class with Anastasia? With a diverse fitness background, Anastasia brings an exciting energy to any class she teaches. New Class Alert** If you are interested in strengthening your core, improving muscle elasticity, and gaining some flexibility, be sure to join Anastasia for Mat Pilates Sundays at 11am!

Here are somethings this awesome instructor wanted you to know about her:

1. When did fitness enter your life as a norm (regular practice)? What makes you continue?

I started teaching on a regular basis in 1985. A life of fitness is a life of physical and emotional health. For those of us who are dedicated FITNESS is a LIFE FORCE.

2. What do you like/love about being a fitness instructor?

Sharing with men and women of all ages and fitness levels the joy of physical exercise to stay healthy and to develop the endurance to deal with life’s challenges

3. What is your favorite form of exercise (ie. cardio, strength training/weightlifting, etc.)?

Do as I say and Do as I do: CARDIO, STRENGTH, BALANCE & STABILITY. Devote time to each and every single one of these 3 “disciplines”. That is what I do and that is what I advise others to do. All 3 are a MUST!!!

4. If you could give one piece of advice/wisdom to someone looking to be fit, what would you tell them? Start SMALL and be CONSISTENT. Set manageable goals and work on them like your life depends on it, because it does!!!



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