Tell the story of how you came to practice yoga.

Over the years I’ve taken a yoga class here and there, but nor regularly… until I found Kinetics Flow. I saw a groupon for Aerial Yoga. I had never heard of it before and it really piqued my interest. It was definitely challenging at first, but I quickly began to love it. In addition to AG classes, I’ve added Warm and Hot Yoga to my weekly schedule. I have fallen in love with yoga practice; even if I cannot make it to a class, I do my daily stretches and yoga poses.

How does yoga help you to improve your everyday life?

Practicing yoga regularly has been life changing actually. My body feels stronger and my mind more focused. I feel happier and grounded. I didn’t think it would be possible to experience such a remarkable change. Physically, I feel improvement in my flexibility and strength in my core and back, which were weak areas for me.

If you have one tip to share with someone who has just been introduced to yoga what would it be?

Don’t be discouraged if you cannot do the moves perfectly. It really does take time and patience. Listen to your body and do not compare yourself to others. Feel your breath and really try to free your mind from negativity while practicing. It really does help with all aspects of daily life.

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