What is Personal Training?

Personal Training describes an experience in which individuals or small groups work with a certified fitness professional in order to improve their fitness abilities. This includes, but is not limited to: improved cardiovascular abilities, mental and physical strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility.

What are the benefits of working with a Personal Trainer?

Certified personal trainers at KINETICS™ help clients by: 

  • Enabling them to implement habits that lead to fitness success
  • Creating a customized fitness plan that guarantee results
  • Adding an extra level of accountability
  • Ensuring the safety of exercise execution
  • Providing individualized motivation and inspiration
  • Encouraging them to lead happier lives daily due to improved functional ability
  • Facilitating improved physical and mental strength and endurance

Who can benefit from Personal Training?

At KINETICS™, we help healthy women, men, and children of any age improve their fitness levels in a safe and productive manner.

How do clients reach their goals?

Clients accomplish goals using our Steady Progression Training method. Our methodology is effective and simple:

  • Identify fitness levels
  • Establish goals
  • Execute a customized plan of action
  • Re-evaluate regularly to ensure continued success

Does KINETICS™ offer gender specific training?

Yes, our staff understands that certain trainings require gender specific environments. Please let us know what your preferences are.


How does a person start training?

Call us NOW to set up your initial Body Diagnostic.

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Personal training rates vary based on a client’s needs, the length of the personal training agreement, and the duration of the training session i.e. 30, 45, or 60 minute session. Call us 800-254-6384 today for more details.

Testimonial Picture
Esther Reed

KINETICS™ has been a wonderful, supportive place. The staff is committed to helping me reach my goals. I never thought I could run a race of any kind, let alone a 5K. But with the support of the folks at KINETICS™, I just ran my first 5K this past week, and I’m already planning for my next one! Completing the race felt great! Thank YOU, KINETICS™!

Testimonial Picture
Alicia Lawrence
Program Coordinator

I wandered into KINETICS™ in late July 2012 and was greeted with great energy and immediately felt comfortable. I had recently began losing weight and wanted to become stronger. After several months of training at KINETICS™, I am fit, feel stronger, and am excited to meet and set new fitness goals. I look forward to the ‘healthier me’ going into my 30s!

Testimonial Picture
Charlotte Jones-Burton MD

The Trainers at Kinetics™ believed in my physical ability, trained me for the biggest challenge, mentally, and physically, that I have ever undertaken. I was in awe of my body when I completed the Super Spartan Race. Thank You!

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Brenda DeJesus
“...These trainers are truly invested in your success.”
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Mariana Franco
“It is such a great feeling knowing that what I am doing it working. ”
Vijay & Tricia Maktal
Pharmacist & Entrepreneur

Tricia and I have enjoyed training the past year. We have learned so much and are a lot healthier now thanks to you.

Stacy Kaplan

I’ve always been fairly active but notice my metabolism was slowing and I was starting to gain weight. By working with the trainers at Kinetics™, I lost weight and lowered my BMI. More importantly, I am stronger and more energized. I feel better about myself both physically and emotionally.

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