MCM- Motivational Client Monday: Amy Vojta

Do you know Amy? Keeping physically fit is nothing new to this working mom on the go! Here are some things she wanted you to know:

1. What effect has having a regular fitness regimen had in your life, what makes you keep going?
I am literally healthier than I’ve ever been, in my entire life. Not just weight either, I’ve gained more muscle and cut my cholesterol tremendously (my doctor’s asked even me what I was doing!). I previously didn’t have a regular fitness regimen- I needed one, that’s my motivation.

2. How did your paths cross with Kinetics?
One day I was walking my daughter Molly in the stroller, I think you guys had just opened, and after baby #2, I was like “I’m going to need this!”. I had a later conversation with Metra about classes, and that was that.

3. What effect has having a regular fitness regimen had on your energy levels?
I totally have more energy! I am far more disciplined than I was, and I’m a pretty “Type A” person; so this helps me be a “Type A” person in this area [fitness] as well. Fitness has become a part of my routine, it’s now a “have to” instead of a “would be nice to”.

4. If you could give one piece of advice for a person who doesn’t have a regular fitness regimen, but would like one, what would you say?
Start somewhere! Whether it’s going for a walk around the block, taking some classes, or wherever you’re supposed to start, it all leads to progress.

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