Kinetics™ Philosophy

KINETICS™ is dedicated to promoting good health and environmentally sound practices in our community. Through the instruction of healthy forms of physical activity, we aim to help you reach your goals with fitness that is fun and effective. We strive to make your exercise experiences both physically and mentally stimulating. Our professional and friendly atmosphere is made up of the best trainers in the business in one of the most innovative training studios in the area.

At KINETICS™, our training philosophy is simple, we teach you to:

Not every exercise is appropriate for everybody. Clients are evaluated in order to establish fitness baselines. We take full body measurements as well as conduct basic cardiovascular, muscular endurance, and flexibility tests. Finally, using our Steady Progression Training method, we provide you with a customized plan to ensure your success.

Eat Well
We provide nutrition coaching in order to educate you on the benefits of eating foods that are appropriate for your body type.

Live Life
We encourage you to take your “fit body and better you” out into the world and live life to your greatest potential. We challenge you to participate in activities that test your physical abilities such as public races, outdoor adventures, and traveling experiences.

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