KINETICS™ Etiquette

Be punctual to every session or class
When it comes to being on time, you either are, or you aren’t. Make it part of your practice to arrive early. This insures all students experience an appropriate warm up and minimizes class disruptions.

Sign in upon arrival
We have done a great job of expediting the check in process at the front desk. Signing up online does not override checking in at the studio. Please allow the staff to take care of you, and get you what you need. This includes the purchase of a water bottle from our cooler.

Turn off your electronics
Please respect the practice space by not using any of your electronic devices inside the studio. This includes checking of email, texting, or talking on cell phones. Use this time to give yourself some personal attention and care.

Leave it outside

If your shoes are wet or dirty; please see an instructor or staff member to point you in the direction of a rag-towel to clean them up. Leave the day’s dirt outside to come in for a cleansing workout!

Remember you will sweat
We have complimentary towels for your convenience. Please drop them in our blue bins after use. Likewise, if you borrowed a mat from the studio, please wipe it down after use with our provided products.

Know the dress code
In order to ensure the longevity of hammocks, be sure to wear sleeved shirts to AntiGravity® Yoga classes.  Students wearing ONLY tank, tube, or sports bras will not be able to take class.

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