Journey of a Lifetime (video) + Walk/Run Safety Tips

Hey there, Metra Lundy here your trainer and coach.

I had to share an exciting personal journey of mine!!

Click to watch the video!​ Do continue to follow my Youtube Channel to watch my 30 day countdown.


3.5 “Remember Me” tips to kick off your summer run or walk regimen

1. talk with your doctor. always check with your doctor before beginning or ramping up an exercise regimen. Once your doctor gives you the green light, jump into your training with excitement.

​2. train smart. gradually increase your mileage over a few weeks or months. If your goal is to run but you have never run before do plan to walk a little and run a little during every cardio session. Consider using a supportive running app such as Couch 5k to gradually increase the length of each run.

3. eat and drink well. when your activity level has increased. drink water before and after each run, as well as throughout your day. Use your urine as an indicator for whether or not you’re getting enough (a healthy urine color is typically clear to pale yellow).  Eat fresh, whole foods preferably prepared by you.

3.5 embrace challenge. new regimens are sometimes challenging in the beginning but remember they get easier as you get better; hang in there.

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