I’m Totally Giving Away a FREE Trip to Jamaica!




Two weeks ago I experienced something


remarkable. I had the pleasure of attending


a friend’s wedding in Run Away Bay Jamaica.


It was hands down amazing! If this place isn’t on


your bucket list you must add it.



Talk about Travel Magazine blue waters, white sandy beaches,


great dining, awesome entertainment, wonderful people and


fun culture. It was one of those paradise locations that we all


read about, if you know what I mean. It truly delivered on


its promise of bliss.




The best part about Run Away Bay was my perception of me.


I’m totally humble but I was able to walk around my resort with a bold


PINK confidence that was non-existent in me 10 years ago.


Remember when I told you guys that I felt like I was in the


best shape of my life…..I was so serious.


I honestly felt fit and beautiful.  You know that confidence


I’m talking about, right? That, “I look good and I’m okay if you


stare confidence. J I totally had that in Run Away Bay.” I strutted along the beach with my pink bedazzled bikini


moving with pure freedom THINKING OF YOU!


Yes, you! You guys are always with me. I want every member


of my team to carry a sexy, bold, confidence 100% of


the time. And, I know you agree with me that feeling


amazing each and every day is the ideal way to live.




So, what’s the plan for creating that sexy bold confidence


and getting in the best shape of your life?




Here are 7 straight forward steps.




  1. Get off the fence; decide that today and everyday that you
  2. will train to be in the best shape of your life
  3. Exercise your discipline muscle when it comes both diet and exercise
  4. Live the 80/20 nutrition rule = 80% of the time you need to eat wholesome


healthy foods


  1. Adopt a high intensity workout regimen 3-4 times per week
  2. Change your workout routine; engage in exercise that is both fun AND challenging
  3. Get Help = Hire a Trainer, Find a Workout Buddy, or Take Group Fitness Training
  4. Always have a goals and incentives to keep you motivated




What sort of incentive you ask? Remember the ten pounds you needed


to drop before the wedding so that you could fit into the dress you loved.


That’s what I’m talking about. I believe that incentives are


super important. I prepared for my trip to Jamaica and


my experience was amazing. I loved it so much that I’m creating an


incentive for you. I’m sending one lucky person (and their guest)


on an all inclusive trip to Run Away Bay Jamaica on me.






Exciting right? All you have to do to go to Run Away Bay


Jamaica is what you’ve been doing. That is, workout,


eat well, and participate in a few Kinetics Fitness Challenges


from September 2014 – January 2015. The challenges


are rooted in you creating greater accountability and


ownership for the changes in your body that you say you want.




So her it is, Tuesday September 2, 2014 begins our first challenge.


I’m still working out the challenge details so stand by for the formal


Challenge announcement Sunday August 31, 2014.




In the mean time, you can get a jump start on this blissful Run Away


Bay Jamaica trip by tweaking your diet today; don’t over indulge


In the Memorial Day snacks. Remember your 80/20 rule.


We’re moving into a new week; create your workout regimen.


And look, if you need help don’t feel bad, Call or email me and


I’ll help you create a plan that works.


732-317-8931 or drop email at info@kineticsnj.com.




All the best,


Train Smart, Eat Well, Live Life


Metra Lundy








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