Group Fitness Testimonials

Jana Choi

Thank you for everything you have done for me I this past year and a half. I feel like a totally different person. You changed my life, and help people every day to achieve their goals and be happy. You are truly an amazing person who is making such a big difference in the community and in the world by bringing healthy lifestyle back onto people’s priority lists.

Laura Shillings

I absolutely love your training sessions and your approach to fitness… Not only do you focus on all the physical benefits of exercise and healthy living, you make a point to focus on all the positive effects it has on us mentally. I really enjoy learning from you and really appreciate all the knowledge you have shared with me thus far.

Helene Knee
Clinical Social Worker at St. Peter’s Children’s Hospital

I would like to thank you for the terrific Capoeira program offered by Kinetics™… It made for a wonderful afternoon at Girls Group. We would certainly like to have you back again for another workshop for our group in the future.

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