Food of the Week: Jicama

Interesting Facts about Jicama

  • A one cup serving of Jicama provides 25% of the RDV of Fiber which is important for the health of our digestive system.

  • People taking blood thinners should not consume large amounts of Vitamin K (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, parsley, etc.). Jicama is an almost negligible source of Vitamin K, making it a good veggie choice for those watching their intake.

  • Jicama is a rich source of Vitamin C which our body needs to maintain the health of our immune system.

  • Jicama is a good source of all B Vitamins except for B-12.

  • One large Jicama offers over 50% of the recommended daily value of Potassium.

  • Jicama can be eaten raw or cooked.

Fun Fact: While we can eat the Jicama root the seeds are HIGHLY toxic. The seeds contain a compound called rotenone which is used to make insecticide and fish poison.

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