Food of the Week: Cloves

Interesting Facts about Cloves 

  • Cloves have been used a holistic breath freshener for many years.

  • Eugenol is the active ingredient in cloves and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It is often used in mouth washes because it effectively kills bacteria in the mouth.

  • Clove oil is a good topical painkiller and can be used to reduce the pain and inflammation from inflamed gums and toothaches.

  • Eugenol also helps maintain adequate blood flow to help prevent blockages. This makes clove an aid in preventing heart disease and stroke.

  • The oils in cloves are a useful digestive aid.

  • Cloves have antiseptic properties which means that they fight off harmful bacteria and parasites.

Fun Fact: In Syria, Archaeologists found a vessel containing cloves. After testing the vessel they dated it back to the year 1721 BC.

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