Food of the Week: Brussels Sprouts


Interesting Facts about Brussels Sprouts 

  • Using the steaming method to cook Brussels sprouts, can provide you with some special cholesterol-lowering benefits

  • Brussels sprouts are the most commonly eaten cruciferous vegetables, that has a great amount of glucosinolate. Glucosinolates are important phytonutrients for our health because they are the chemical starting points for a variety of cancer-protective substances.

  • Brussels sprouts are an important dietary source of many vitamin antioxidants, including vitamins C and A

  • Brussels sprouts can help us avoid chronic, excessive inflammation through a variety of nutrient benefits.

  • Brussels sprouts and other brassicas are also a source of indole-3-carbinol, a chemical being studied for how it affects DNA repair in cells and appears to block the growth of cancer cells in vitro

  • Brussels sprouts contain excellent levels of vitamin C and vitamin K, with more moderate amounts of B vitamins, such as folic acid and vitamin B6; essential minerals and dietary fiber

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