Food of the Week: Beets

Interesting Facts about Beet


  • Beets have phytonutrients which have strong anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Betalain, the pigment which gives red beets their vibrant color, can prevent the accumulation of LDL (bad) cholesterol in our arteries and therefore reduces the risk for cancer and heart disease.

  • High in Folate, which is a B Vitamin that has many benefits. It is water soluble which means that our body will excrete any excess. It is necessary for the production of cells and DNA.

  • Beet greens are a good source of beta-carotene which the body turns into Vitamin A.



FUN FACT: Think about the toppings you put on a hamburger (lettuce, tomato…). In Australia, beets are most commonly found as toppings on burgers.

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