Food Of The Week



  • Cauliflower helps maintain balance in the three systems of the body (detox system, antioxidant system and anti-inflammatory system) which, if not nourished exacerbate a person’s chance of carious forms of cancer.
  • High in dietary fiber which lends a helping hand to our body’s digestive system.
  • It can help the lining of your stomach because the sulphurophane prevents an over coating of bacterium’s to your stomach wall
  • If you don’t like fish oil (a source of Omega3) eating cauliflower may be very beneficial and will provide you with a good source of Vitamin K and Omega 3. The most prevalent benefits of these vitamins lies with the Cardiovascular system.


Fun Fact- White Cauliflower is white because the leaves cover the “Flower”, thus shielding it from sunlight. Without sunlight photosynthesis cannot happen and Chlorophyll (the pigment which colors plants) is not produced.

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