Food of the Week

  • Fresh mint is an herb which helps our digestive system by relaxing the various muscles and can help reduce bloating
  • Mint provides an essential oil which can be extracted through chemical process. This oil can be used to relieve tension related headaches and soothe irritated skin.
  • Mint tea has a refreshing aroma which makes it “an energy booster”, great for students or people in the workplace.
  • Peppermint tea can help relieve nasal congestion by clearing the passages of mucus

Fun Fact #1 The Ancient Romans believed that eating mint would increase intelligence.

Fun Fact #2 One drum of mint oil, weighs about 400 pounds, and can flavor about 5 million sticks of gum or 400,000 tubes of toothpaste.

Strawberry Mint Green Smoothie

The Ingredients

1 cup water

1 fresh or frozen medium banana

1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries

1 cup spinach, kale, or other leafy green

1 tablespoon dried and powdered down mint leaves, or 6-8 fresh mint leaves

A little honey, maple syrup, or stevia to sweeten (optional)
Show Time

Place all of the ingredients into your high-speed blender and blend away for around 30-45 seconds or until nice and smooth.

Nutrition Information

Calories: 158

Fat: 1g

Protein: 3g

Carbohydrates: 39g

Fiber: 7g

Sugar: 22g

Vitamin A: 10% RDA

Vitamin C: 172% RDA

Vitamin K: 186% RDA

Calcium: 7% RDA

Iron: 10% RDA


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