Fat Loss Success! How Kinetics Trainer Kelly Dropped 40 Pounds and Kept It Off


I was an overweight kid. Seriously, my entire childhood was spent being the chubby friend and the chunky girl on a sports team. It was tough for me on many levels.  I was overweight, my mom loved to buy sugary drinks, and pack me Rice Krispie treats for lunch, all while telling me I should drop 20lbs of fat.

My plus was that my mom kept me active.  I played soccer, so, I was fit but fat.  Honestly, I stayed fat until I began my freshman year of college.  Like most incoming students, at first, I overindulged and gained “the freshman 15”, scratch that “freshman 20”.  But, by summer, I realized that I wasn’t happy with my weight and I needed to make a change. I began my fat loss journey.

To get rid of the extra fat was trial and error.  I had to make lifestyle changes.  I started eating healthier foods and ramped up my workouts.  With tons of failures mixed in with successes I dropped 40lbs.  I went from a size 12 to a size 0/2.

My weight loss was a marathon and not a sprint.  I wanted to give up a million times and just blame it on “bad genes”.  But I got over myself and kept moving towards my goal to be a healthy weight.  Now days, I eat well most of the time, but if I want a donut, I will eat it. I just know that I have to work for it. For me, the keys to keeping the fat off have been moderation, persistence, patience, and self-forgiveness.



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