Easy Beauty Regimen + 14 Day Life Changer!!


Hello Beauties!

The holiday season is upon us and time is flying.

Family gatherings, office parties, holiday photos, and visits with our loved ones are right around the corner. And, let’s face it, when we look back at pictures none of us want to see ourselves as rundown, bloated messes, right? So, what do we do to make sure that we look and feel beautiful before the holidays?

You’ve got it! We get serious about our goals and start taking matters into our own hands!

That was the tone of the very passionate conversation I had with my oldest daughter about “beauty”. And, I know you’ll be on the same band wagon as me. I basically told her that beauty has everything to do with how well you take care of yourself.

It is NOT about being stick thin

It is also NOT about how long or short your hair is

Nor is it about how light or dark your skin is

Instead, beauty is a CRAFTED fusion of qualities that pleases individual aesthetic senses. So, how we look, sound, taste, smell, and feel all reflect beauty. So, how do we CRAFTbeauty? I’m so glad you asked!

Here are 14 tips on How to craft radiate beauty starting today! (My personal experiences and a collection of tips from people/places around the world)

1. Increase your water intake; you will improve your skin tone, raise your energy, and more!

2. Use aloe vera internally and externally to hydrate and protect your skin (North American beauty secret from Native Americans)

3. Avoid processed sugars, you will reduce your chances of unwanted weight gain

4. Use shea butter or products with shea butter in it; it moistures and protects the skin (African beauty secret from the people of Ghana and Nigeria).

5. Increase your veggie intake, the fiber will get rid of big belly bloat.

6. Use vinegar, it is an awesome astringent (European beauty secret).

7. Brush your face with a soft bristle brush, it prevents aging lines from forming (Asian beauty secret from Japan).

8. Workout three – four times per week you’ll blast away fat, boost confidence, strength, and tone your body.

9. Use rose oil to protect the skin against sun damage (South American beauty secret from Native Americans).

10. Think positively, it encourages happiness and slows down the symptoms of aging.

11. Apply tea tree oil to your body it is antibacterial rids the body of pimples (Australian beauty secret)

12. Show gratitude, you will smile more and be more approachable

13. See beauty in nature and mirror it (Antarctic beauty secret)

14. Workout three-four times per week you will produce the feel good hormones to make the list 1-13 happen!!

Now, as YOUR TRAINER and COACH, I’d like to help you out with tips #8 and #14. Yes! It is the area that so many people struggle with and that is the commitment of working out three-four times per week. That’s why I’m sending this email. I wanted to make sure you guys knew about my 14 Day Fat Furnace Igniter program. If you don’t, you should know that it’s pretty amazing at melting fat off the body, building strength, confidence, and beauty. So, what exactly is the 14 Day Fat Furnace? It is a combination of working out in short bursts in a high intensity kind of way and a manipulation (for a lack of a better word) of your eating habits – NOT A DIET.

But coolest part of this is… the results come FAST. In fact, the entire program lasts 14 days and the results are amazing. Now, I tend to keep the 14 Day Fat Furnace Igniter group small so that every client is guaranteed results (usually 20 people or less) – and I only want those who are seriously interested in burning a lot of fat in 14 days. Because of that the program tends to sell out.

(I happened to mention the 14 Day Fat Furnace Igniter in one of my Facebook posts and already my list just is pretty full. But, I decided to see how many people on my email list would be interested in burning a bunch unwanted fat and building strength, so that they can look and feel beautiful for the holidays.

So, before I commit to opening a few more spots, I’m gauging interest. If you think you’d be interested in joining this small group of Igniters and getting fast fat loss results in 14 days, then email me with the subject line “I’m interested in the 14 Day Igniter Program” at info@kineticsnj.com and I’ll send you the details of the 14 Day Fat Furnace Igniter program.

Thanks a bunch!

Metra Lundy

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