Awesome Client Wednesday

Have you met Sharon?  As a long time Team Member, it is no strange occurrence to spot Sharon working hard in a Boot Camp, Yoga, or Personal Training each week! Here are some things she wanted you to know about her:

Tell me, what affect fitness has had in your life? What makes you want a regular fitness regimen?

Ever since I can remember, fitness has been a central part of my being. I like the challenge of exercise and I like it when I can do something I could not do before. Plus, I just know how important working out is to my overall health. I was a very bad asthmatic as a child and my mother took me off all medications and got me swimming and it transformed me. I can’t imagine a life without regular exercise. Even though life gets complicated, if I don’t manage to have a workout most days then I just don’t feel as good or as ready for what the day might bring.

How did your fitness journey cross paths with Kinetics?

My path crossed Kinetics because I was looking for a new exercise challenge. My wonderful friend Mary Curran was telling me about how Kinetics and Metra had been so great for her so I thought I’ll give it a go. Since I joined Kinetics I have not looked back because of people like Metra, Kelly and Geoff who have pushed me and encouraged me to exercise in ways I would never imagined.

Thank you Sharon for your highlight! Keep up the great work!


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