Awesome Client Wednesday- Tim Miller

 Tim Miller “BRINGS IT” during his workouts. With awesome energy and determination to stay fit, we are glad to have Tim on the TEAM. Here are some things he wanted you to know about him:

I am grateful every day for the direction my life has gone. I’ve said it again and again…but I owe so much to Kinetics who made me more cognizant of the benefits of being more aware healthier nutrition habits, yoga and running. I would be a completely different person than I am today if I never started. Other than the obvious benefit of being healthy and staying fit, I have gained so much since starting my journey with running/health//fitness. I have lived in Highland Park for 5 years now, and for 3 ½ of those years I passed by Kinetics twice a day every day becoming more and more curious of just “what the heck what was going on inside” but never had the courage to walk inside. Finally, in January 2016, I wrote down the phone number of Kinetics, and later that day called hoping to get a machine, but a live person answered (Metra), I paused about to hang up but I realized, it was time to get honest and courageous, I scheduled an assessment, and two days later I began boot camp and this incredible journey began. I am a recovering alcoholic and I am coming up on 8 years sobriety this July. I already knew before this part of my journey that if I could adjust my mindset to create an even better version of me by adding a fitness regimen that I could flourish. Now by coupling sobriety and a regular fitness regimen the joy in my life has now multiplied. Today I wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction. I work as a Clinical Supervisor at Damon House; a Residential Program licensed and dedicated to serving those whose lives have negatively been impacted by alcohol and drug addiction. Addiction is a result of long term neglect of priority’s, responsibilities and blaming others for the misfortunes in our lives. Taking ownership of our lives is the first step; I have the privilege to share my experience to motivate and inspire many lives daily to begin to take accountability to shape their future.A healthy “mind” “body” and “soul” is the complete fitness regimen. Believe in yourself and success will follow, it’s guaranteed. HAH

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