Journey of a Lifetime (video) + Walk/Run Safety Tips

Hey there, Metra Lundy here your trainer and coach.

I had to share an exciting personal journey of mine!!

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3.5 “Remember Me” tips to kick off your summer run or walk regimen

1. talk with your doctor. always check with your doctor before beginning or ramping up an exercise regimen. Once your doctor gives you the green light, jump into your training with excitement.

​2. train smart. gradually increase your mileage over a few weeks or months. If your goal is to run but you have never run before do plan to walk a little and run a little during every cardio session. Consider using a supportive running app such as Couch 5k to gradually increase the length of each run.

3. eat and drink well. when your activity level has increased. drink water before and after each run, as well as throughout your day. Use your urine as an indicator for whether or not you’re getting enough (a healthy urine color is typically clear to pale yellow).  Eat fresh, whole foods preferably prepared by you.

3.5 embrace challenge. new regimens are sometimes challenging in the beginning but remember they get easier as you get better; hang in there.

See you soon,


Bright Light

Let your light shine

She was a tall, well-dressed woman with tightly curled hair and neatly manicured nails. I escorted her to our consult room. She arrived just in time for her fitness assessment.

She spoke. “Whew! It’s been a full day. My job is very demanding. I work about sixty hours a week, rarely take lunch, and commute an hour each way. After work, I race home to make dinner, help my kids with their homework, and finally spend a little time with my husband. I’m here because my energy is low, I’m feeling blah, and I need to do something about it. I thought if I started working out and eating healthy I might feel better.

Is this you? If you said yes, you are not alone. I meet hundreds of women who express some version of this reality daily.

So, what’s a woman to do; how does the change that she wants and needs occur?

We women share a similar hat in feeling like we have to manage it all. Here is what’s worked for me and hundreds of clients that I’ve worked with:


Brighten your light! You will be a better employee, mother, and wife for doing it.

1. Recognize that only you know when your light is dim and only you can do something about it.

2. When more self-care is needed, take ownership of your need for a recharge.

3. Carry-out your recharge by any means necessary.


Proper nutrition and consistent exercise matter.

1. Healthy, nutrient-dense foods fuel us – so eat mindfully and with purpose

2. A simple strength training circuit has no boundaries; 20 minutes of effort at home, at work, or at your fitness studio will take your body and confidence a long way

3. Focused work pays off with time and effort.


You are capable of greater giving when you bright, so DO take care of you.

Do what matters! (short read)

A few days back I took an easy scenic drive to Maryland. You know the drive I’m talking about;  it’s the one that offers white space for thinking.  During my drive, I spoke out loud and chuckled to myself.  The weekend would be a good time – full of laugher and “remember that” strolls down memory lane. What actually happened was so much more.  You see, the younger of us cousins is fighting for her life. And, if you’ve ever known or had someone that you love fight to live, you may have also witnessed the subtle strength, beauty and commitment that they pour into their every action, their every movement (things I think we often take for granted). The time that I spent with family this past weekend was a celebration and I was reminded that:

  1. No day is promised
  2. The key to happiness is to choose fun and joy
  3. None of us are alone
  4. The mind and body are gifts
  5. Self-care is our personal responsibility

Now, I know remembering all of the above is no small task. And, that we all get distracted at times but I can promise you that as your coach, I’m working on these things just like you. Together, let’s take JOY in a few simple acts of self-care daily.

  1. 30-60 seconds of prideful push-ups
  2. Consume plain water equal to half your body weight in ounces
  3. Get restful sleep 6-8 hours
  4. Stretch major muscles for at least 30 seconds
  5. Schedule 5 minutes of quiet time and deep breathing

If should ever need my help making your self-care or fitness a priority DO Text 732-702-0088 or Email message away; It is my life’s work to be of health and wellness service to you.

Your Trainer & Coach

Metra Lundy