Must See Northern CA (Pics & Video)

I couldn’t wait to share this post with you!! This past weekend I was in Santa Rosa, California for a work-turned-vacation trip. I posted some pictures of the trip on Facebook. Did you see them? No worries either way, I included a few pictures in this email. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Santa Rosa, I am here to report back that it was (in my singing voice) amazing and you should totally add it to your bucket list.

I had this crazy moment of remembrance while I was there. I remembered “that” moment when I became aware of “old man aging”. I was super conscious that he would have his way with me no matter what. If I wanted to hold on to the best parts of me then taking care of myself in every way had to be a priority. I decided a while ago that I “needed” and “would” take care of my mind, my body, my work, my relationships, my happiness and my life! Have you had that experience? Have you gotten to that place yet? It totally shifts your outlook, right?

I was only in Santa Rosa for a weekend but boy what an awesome self-care opportunity. Check it out; I captured some playful moments in the Redwood forest.

Richardson State Park

Click here to see the VIDEO of our Redwood Forest Shenanigans!

Gosh, it is so easy for us to see our own flaws and have zero motivation to do anything about it. Or better yet, see it, work on it sporadically and feel disappointment year after year that we are still stuck in the same rut, looking and feeling the same.

As your coach I am here to tell you that this year can be the year of “better”. This year can be way better than last year and the year before that. You only need the right self care jump start.

In the words of my client-friend Amy, we all need to start taking care of ourselves like it’s our job…. free of hesitation and guilt.

St. Orres Cottage in Gualala, CA

My trek to Cooks Beach in Gualala

Cooks Beach Fun Video

For some of you, self-care is easy-breezy and you are already doing it. For for others, just reading this will be a reminder to press the acceleration button on your fitness and fat loss self-care. Hats off to you! But, for a few of you, getting the strength and willpower to make yourself a priority is difficult. And even though you want to get started, the process of self care feels like a daunting task. If you are one of those few, the rest of this email is for you.

If you are at a place in your life where you want to make a positive change by taking better care of you, DO consider joining me in our next fitness and fat loss challenge, “The Little Black Dress, Black Tie Challenge”.

What is it? In short, for twenty-one days a small group of people with a similar goal of improving their self care will work together to shed fat and learn long term self care techniques to keep the weight they lose off for good. At the close of the challenge they’ll celebrate their successes with a night on the town ON ME! The “Little Black Dress, Black Tie Challenge” will run March 22ndApril 11th.
Side bar, participants typically lose 6.5 – 14 pounds over the twenty-one day time span.

If you are ready to start taking care of you, and you are curious, but not sure if this challenge would be right for you then email me at or give me a call 732-317-8931 and we can talk through the details.

Chat with you soon,

Metra Lundy



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