Join Us Feb 12 for Sweat with Your Sweet Heart!

Hey there! Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!!! Are you doing anything fun to celebrate?

LeDerick (my husband) and I were chatting about Valentine’s Day yesterday and, somehow we got on the subject of the length of our marriage (It has officially been 8 years 167 days). You have probably heard that saying that every seven years human begings experience a biological shift which in turn creates relationship shifts. It is nice when we are able to make it over those seven year humps successfully and in one piece, right?

Like tons of couples, LeDerick and I were trying to hash out how we were going to celebrate our “we made it over the hump” Valentine’s Day. He suggested all of the common possibilities: flowers, cards, candy, dinner, jewelry, and the movies. It is funny how after a certain age couple celebrations go from being connection rooted (like when we were dating) and become more about the tangibles or food :-). Now, don’t get me wrong, I love all that stuff but like you, I am looking to make it over another seven year hump, so maintaining connection was my vote.

My Valentine’s Day suggestion was that we celebrate at the Kinetics event, at our event, Sweat With Your Sweet Heart,with our peeps. Every year for the last three years that we’ve hosted Sweat With Your Sweet Heat it has been successful and well loved!

Sweat With Your Sweet Heart is….

A super fun partner yoga workshop that is all about exploration and connection. It is a couple’s haven to “unplug” from the busyness of their lives and “plug” into a light hearted, fun, and creative time spent together. Couples of all fitness levels and abilities enjoy scrumptious partner movement and stretching, couples mingling joyful conversation, and humor. LeDerick needed ZERO convincing; I had him at Sweat with Your Sweet Heart.

This Valentine’s Day, if you are looking to laugh, connect, and enjoy time spent with your partner, consider joining us for Sweat With Your Sweet Heart Heart Partner Yoga workshop. Check out the details below.

Sweat with Your Sweet Hear Partner Yoga Workshop
Sunday February 12, 2017
4pm -5pm Partner Yoga
5:15pm – 6:15pm after Party with
Fruit & Cheese Platters at Pinos

Location: Kinetics Flow
409 Raritan Avenue
Highland Park, NJ

Click below to register for Sweat With Your Sweet Heart
Sweat With Your Sweet Heart

See you soon,
Metra Lundy



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