6 Week Body Transformation Challenge- Starts Monday 1/9!


Happiness was the theme of the audio book that I listened to during our family trip to Georgia last week. From the book came the question, who’s really happy? And, is happiness something that we all want; why or why not?

Have you ever given the concept of happiness any thought? I honestly couldn’t stop thinking of it (mostly because my life’s work is all about me helping others unleash the fittest, strongest, and happiest version of themselves possible).

The book went on to compare those who are happy with those who are unhappy. It read similar to this.

  • Audience one – the happy: These are the explorers open to the concept… an implementation of happiness. They tend to see the glass as half full rather than half empty. Audience one appreciates seeing, feeling, discovering, knowing, and growing in an effort to bring them closer to a happier version of themselves.
  • Audience two – the unhappy: Audience two are the fearful ones. They say they want happiness but are afraid to seek it out. They tend to see the glass as half empty rather than half full. They hesitate and shy away from seeing, feeling, discovering, knowing, and growing because of fear and doubt.

I consider myself to be a striver of audience one, so of course my personal opinion is that everyone deserves happiness.

We finally made it to Georgia and had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Harriet Tubman Museum in Macon. There was an exhibit there on Otis Redding. Do you know anything about Otis? Well, I had limited knowledge of his music and his life but, became a fan after visiting the exhibit.

He was described by one reporter as a happy, vibrant man, with a wholesome personality, and a love for exploring. His story left a positive impression on me so I had to share a little of what I saw.


I also recognized that it was interesting that I had spent sixteen hours listening to ideals on happiness and then, I visited an exhibit that highlighted the happiness of this great artist (Otis).

I was right back to my original pondering of happiness, only I took it a step further. I asked myself, “how was I going to get my peeps (my team – YOU) to live a life of happiness in 2017 and beyond?

I made a decision right then and there that in order to make “this” happiness thing a day to day reality for my peeps; I needed to stay charged on HAPPINESS for myself! And, since then, I have recommitted myself to sharing my HAPPINESS CHARGE with you so that you stay charged!! (Side bar, I truly believe that it is from this place that all achievements are possible).

So, what’s the plan for staying charged on happiness.

(Singing) Great question!

The plan is self care. And, that is…..care in fitness, health, wellness, emotions, and spirit, (all of it). To jump start this 2017 “happiness using self care” initiative, I am inviting, YOU to get into better shape. So, I begin 2017 with an invitation to you!! I’m inviting you to finally stop feeling bad about the way you look and start losing the extra weight, tone up, feel strong and finally start feeling like yourself.

I’m inviting you to join my new 6 Week New Year New You Body Transformation Challenge starting this coming Monday January 9. The details are here. It’s basically a fitness and fat loss challenge designed to get YOU the results that you need to look and feel great. What’s awesome is that if your goal is weight loss, participants tend to drop anywhere between 13 and 21 lbs and shed 4-6 inches from their waistline during the transformation. They build a ton of muscle and totally boost their energy. .

But here is the thing, in order to be successful in the program; you will need to be willing to…

  • work out
  • eat healthy
  • drink water
  • and stay connected to your team

And, yes you will be a little sore but it won’t be debilitating in any way. You’re also going to feel good because you can eat (I don’t believe in starvation diets). But, best of all is that you are going to see fat loss and fitness results.

So, like I mentioned earlier, the 6 Week New Year New You Body Transformation Challenge starts this coming Monday January 9. The challenge is first come first serve and has limited space (I do that to make sure that everyone sees results) so call 732-317-8931 or email info@kineticsnj.com today to secure your spot.

And, if you aren’t sure and want to talk about whether or not the 6 Week New Year New You Body Transformation Challenge is right for you call me at 732-317-8931 or email me. Together we will weigh out your options and determine if the program is right for you.

See you soon,

Metra Lundy aka Coach M

l 800-254-6384


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